Improving Existing Production

Do you currently have a mold in production but you are unhappy with your current international or domestic manufacturer?

Injection Molding Machine

We transfer molds to the USA from China often. Our mold shop can repair and modify any mold to run in our facility. Since our machines are all-electric and automated, part quality will often increase immediately.

No matter what step of the process you are in, we're here to help. 

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Reasons manufacturers should move molds to Plastimold


Quality issues at the previous manufacturer

Part defects: Flash, blushing, sink marks, warping, and other common part defects

Plastimold invests in state of the art quality equipment - 3D scanning part-to-CAD inspection

Our process for quality ensures nothing falls through the cracks


Customer Service

Team oriented, connected project management with multiple contacts to ensure the customer needs are addressed.

A personal, family-run business for over 20 years

We treat every project as it was our own product


State of the art production facility

In house rapid mold making and repair

Extensive inventory of raw material

State of the art machinery

Compliance and certification

Finished goods inventory - we'll stock your parts!


Solutions for common issues such as:

Late deliveries

Long lead times

Common problems with manufacturing in China

  • Product failure - parts arrive in America with defects
  • Deceptive pricing - "landed cost" must be accounted for (shipping, customs, etc.)
  • Shipping - rising costs, port strikes, weather delays, customs issues
  • Communication - Language barrier leads to errors, delays, increased costs
  • Intellectual Property Infringement - duplicating your product or using your mold to produce your parts and selling to other customers

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5 Risks of Manufacturing Overseas You Need To Know

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