Mold and Plastic Part Manufacturing Company in USA

Plastimold is a Florida based plastic part manufacturing company in USA. Our automated mold and plastic part manufacturing facility runs a full production schedule (24 hours, 7 days a week) during most of the year to maximize efficiency.

With machines ranging in size from 45 to 390 tons and shot sizes up to 52 oz.. As a plastic part manufacturer Plastimold specializes in mid and high volume manufacturing of small and mid sized plastic parts. Our dedicated team also understands the process of launching new products and has experience with short run applications of 1000 - 10,000 parts.

Our process 

The first step is to validate your injection mold design for manufacturing. Once verified we can move on to the injection mold making process. After your mold is finalized, we begin preparation to begin the plastic part manufacturing.  Before full scale manufacturing begins, we'll complete a trial run (T1) and examine the parts for defects. We share our observations with you and send sample parts for first article inspection (FAI). Depending on the part requirements, we'll establish a quality standard and perform in process inspections throughout the production cycle. We check for part integrity, color correctness, and other common defects that can occur like flash, blush, sink marks, and warping using state of the art equipment.

Plastic Part Manufacturing

Once samples are approved, we're ready to start manufacturing. Since Plastimold works closely with you to understand your ordering trends, we plan our schedule accordingly to meet your just in time needs. Our goal is to have parts ready to ship out of our plastic injection molding factory in Delray Beach Florida when you need them most. We also monitor the quantities on the shelf so we can help estimate your future needs.

Fully Automated Plastic Injection Molding Factory

Plastimold continues to invest in the latest molding technologies such as all-electric molding machines, monitoring systems, and optical part scanning equipment. Upon a fault or disruption in production, real time alerts are sent to upper management via text message and email. Robotic runner pickers, plastic grinders, and our conveyor system keep the operation moving day and night. 

Plastic Part Manufacturer

Attention to detail ensures that we never miss a deadline or overlook anything in the plastic part manufacturing process. Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system allows us to schedule jobs, track orders, generate estimates, and track inventory. This system automates our business processes and also integrates with our quality management system for ISO 9001:2015 compliance.

Plastic Part Manufacturing in USA

Plastimold Products Plastic Part Manufacturing Company automated facility runs 24 Hours a day to produce your plastic part. Producing your plastic part in the United States have many benefits including eliminating deceptive pricing, poor communication, intellectual property infringement, shipping delays and reducing dramatically product failure just to name a few. If you want the best results, you want someone who is not only experienced but also easily accessible. Plastimold has a full team ready to take your project and manufacture your plastic part. We work tirelessly for our clients and make sure that they get the results they deserve. Contact us at 561-869-0183.

Plastic Part Manufacturing Company in USA

Plastic Part Manufacturing

Plastimold Products

250 N Congress Ave.
Delray Beach , FL

Phone: 561-869-0183

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We Provide Other Services Too...



100% Fulfillment of your product. Adhesive bonding, mechanical assembly, hot staking, and ultrasonic welding.

package assemblypackage assembly[/tcb-noscript]


Custom design and artwork. Bulk packed items are packaged with care so they arrive to you without any damage during transit.

Pad PrintingPad Printing[/tcb-noscript]

Pad Printing

Featuring a wide variety of inks and colors, we can print your logo or custom design on any injection molded parts

FDM 3D PrintingFDM 3D Printing[/tcb-noscript]

3D Printing

Test form, fit, and function using the latest FDM, SLS, SLA, Polyjet, and rubber mold processes.

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