Plastic Injection Molding

If your business requires mid to high volume plastic parts, then plastic injection molding is the right solution for you. This process provides repeatable, quality production while providing a low cost per part.

Plastimold Products, an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, offers high-quality, low-cost manufacturing solutions. Our globally competitive pricing enables us to offer the benefits of using a domestic manufacturer while avoiding the risks of offshore sourcing.

Specializing in high-tolerance injection molding of small and mid sized parts, we provide a one stop shop solution from design and tooling to production. We also offer assembly and packaging services. Since our designers and toolmakers work together under the same roof, our parts are designed for manufacturing and optimized to ensure quality, precision, and fast cycle times.

Consult with our material specialists to select the best material for your application. Choose from our diverse portfolio of polymers including FDA, RoHS, and NSF certified resins. By purchasing resins in high volume and storing them in-house, we can offer discounted material pricing and begin production on a moment’s notice.

injection molding material and colorant
Injection Molding Machine

Our automated molding machines are the heart of our operation. They range in size from 45 to 390 tons with shot sizes up to 48 oz. Plastimold continues to invest in the latest molding technologies such as all-electric molding machines. This technology helps us decrease cycle times and control critical molding parameters. Additionally, each machine has the latest in IOT (Internet of Things) monitoring technology. Real time alerts are sent to management upon a fault or disruption in production. Using industry leading molding technology optimizes our efficiency so we can run 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week.

Whether you need cable overmolding, molded pieces for medical hardware, insert molded threaded inserts, or even cost effective family molding for dissimilar parts, you will find that our team can deliver beyond your expectations on any project.

Contact us today with your specifications and we’ll deliver injection molded products in the shortest possible time-frame, without compromises on quality.

Plastic Injection Molding


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