Industries Served

As custom plastic injection molding manufacturers, we service a variety of industries. In business for over 20 years, Plastimold has experience across every industry.

Our experienced staff will help your navigate through the confusion of industry regulations and certification requirements. Many business get tangled in the certification web which results in unnecessary expenses and loss of time. We know what to look for and work closely with our customers to prevent unwanted delays.


FDA Approved Materials; ISO Quality Inspection; Clean, controlled environment 


Custom Consumer Products; Home and Garden, Pet Products, etc... 


OEM and Aftermarket Components; Certified Materials; ISO Quality 


Electro-mechanical Enclosures; IP68 Rated Design and Production 


Custom Aftermarket Plastic Gun Parts and Accessories; Glass Filled Polymers


Fasteners, Cables, Caps, and Overmolded Components; Certified Materials 

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Plastimold has an extensive knowledge of consumer products. We manufacture across many segments such as: home and garden, kitchen, appliances, pet products, lamps and fixtures, toys and games, holiday, and cosmetics.

1,500,000,000 Parts Produced


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Identify critical design issues before they become problems resulting in expensive reworks, increased product costs, and delayed time to market.

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