January 17

Are you Mechanical Design Engineer planning for production?


Mechanical Design EngineerAs a mechanical engineer, your ultimate dream is to author your very own product idea and market it in such a way that you not only get the sales you need, but also the recognition that you deserve. Sure, you definitely want to make the world a better place with your product, but having your name on it would be nice too. You know what else would be nice? Knowing that you have a high-quality product that is going to stand the test of time and help to maintain your sterling reputation as it is sold or employed in workplaces around the country.

This is a pretty tall order, but you don’t need us to tell you that, do you? As a mechanical engineer you are going to face two problems when you’re looking to utilize tool and die to build your product. The first problem is finding a company that is capable of producing a prototype. You know what you need, you know what it should look like, but you need to hold it in your hands and most importantly, you need to put it to work to make sure it’s capable of performing.

The second problem you’re going to run into is the need for quality mass production that can be sustained over a long period of time. Now THAT’s the tall order, isn’t it? Fortunately, as a tool & die mater, we can not only accommodate production, but also provide you with the prototype that you’ve been seeking.

Tool and Die for your Project

Our company offers a wide variety of different services including plastic injection molding, an aspect that covers:

  • Overmolding
  • Insert Molding
  • Prototype Molding

To make it even better, our machinery operates in a 24/7 lights out climate controlled environment which caters to products and parts that must be manufactured under certain conditions. In addition to that, all products are ISO 9001:2015 Certified with all necessary inspections performed; you’re not going to get a better product when it comes to tool & die production.

Drawing it Out

Your product needs to be properly drawn out and represented on paper, and that means creating depictions of the assemblies, enclosures, complex assemblies, and more. All of this will be presented in both 2D and 3D CAD drawings, giving you a rough idea of what we’ll be dealing with when the product is finally put into production.

It gets even better; we can have a 3D printed prototype the following day, allowing you to make your decision quickly, and even offer up changes should you dislike the concept that is being offered up. This might seem like a small service, but it saves you a considerable amount of time and money by ensuring the job is done right the first time.

Making the Mold

PlastimoldWe will create a custom mold for the product that you wish to put into production, and in doing so, we ensure that it is designed specifically for you. We don’t reuse molds; what you have will be unique and it will represent your product.

We offer a plethora of different services, including quick-change mold systems that allow for lower tooling costs and faster lead times. Additionally, we’re able to handle tooling for high volume hardened steel molds, setting us apart from many other competitors in our industry.

The Services you Need

Bottom line: it’s time for you to stop dreaming of creating the perfect product and time to start making it a reality. You may not have the finances to build your own injection molding facilities, and you might not be able to buy them outright, but you’ll be able to rent our services for the time being. Not only can we create the product for you, we can put your name on it and place it in the packaging. This is the service you’ve been waiting for, and as a mechanical engineer, it’s your big break. Let us mold your product and take you to the finish line.



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